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Ohmygod. Caught up with @BBCNewsnight on @arron_banks. Banks released financial statements to @bbc to "clear his name". Including email that says "Redact the reference for Ural Properties". A company with a Russian name. Based in a secrecy jurisdiction, @johnsweeneyroar notes..

Great work also by Iain Campbell who's not on Twitter but has been on this for a LONG time. Feel sure @juliettegarside will be interested in (re)-appearance of Alan Kentish. Also @annmarlowe.
Full programme here 

To be clear, what is is amazing about this is that all of us @arron_banks watchers had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about the involvement any company called Ural Properties. The own goalness of this is off the scales. Chapeau, Arron. And thank you

And well done @johnsweeneyroar & @bbcnewsnight. So glad to see you on this. (X years late grumble grumble) But HERE NOW

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