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[Thread] This week's Voting Rights Roundup newsletter: 2018 was a smashing win for North Carolina democracy, breaking the GOP's veto-proof legislative majorities & paving the way for the Dem-majority NC Supreme Court to strike down the GOP's gerrymanders 

Florida voters delivered a huge blow against a remnant of Jim Crow by automatically restoring voting rights to up to 1.4 million people who have fully completed their felony sentences. FL had barred 1 in 10 adults from voting, including 1 in 5 black people 

Michigan voters struck a critical blow against GOP gerrymandering by passing an independent redistricting commission. The GOP has won at least 1 legislative chamber despite losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 9 elections, including both chambers 2018 

Missouri also passed redistricting reform to make their bipartisan legislative commission include partisan fairness & Colorado voted for independent commissions to stop Dems from gaining full control after 2020. UT's advisory commission narrowly leads 50.3-49.7 with 80% reporting

North Dakota GOP's effort to suppress Native American voters via their voter ID law appears to have backfired by sparking a huge backlash. Native activists helped provide thousands of free IDs, turnout was higher than 2008(!), & the ID law's chief GOP sponsor lost to a Native Dem

Nevada & Michigan passed automatic voter registration, & MI's measure included same-day reg, no-excuse absentee voting, & more, turning it from one of the worst states for voting access into one of the best. 13 states & DC now have automatic registration 

2018 saw Dems gain key secretary of state races, electing voting rights advocates who will fight GOP voter suppression. Dems flipped CO & MI, & NH Dems could replace a GOP-backed SOS with a real Dem. AZ is too close to call, & GA will go to a Dec. 4 runoff 

Thanks to ballot measures & Dems flipping 7 gov offices & 6 lege chambers, 2018's elections cut the GOP's edge in control over 2020s congressional redistricting from 8:1 to 4:1, a gap that could further shrink by 2020 if GOP loses control over NC, FL, & TX 

Update: With #FLgov calls being retracted & it going to a recount, here's the latest map showing partisan control over state election administration after 2018. If Dems flip AZ (good chance), GA (possible), & FL (a longer shot), 2018 would be a massive success for voting rights

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