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VINDICATED! @shahmiruk has won his wrongful dismissal case against TaxPayers Alliance. But this case reveals so much more. It confirms links between 9 shadowy organisations whose ‘spokespeople’ dominate the BBC. This cannot go on. ‘Spokespeople’ for who? 

Please read this & think carefully about the role of these organisations who "pursue a common right-wing agenda" & dominate British life. The BBC must also now examine how it allowed @matthew_elliott to use its platform to smear @shahmiruk & frame the story incorrectly

It is highly unusual for an organisation to simply cave & admit every single point of a claim. But that's what TaxPayers Alliance did. To have fought it would have involved disclosure in court of who funds it.

The Tax Payers Alliance has admitted that it sacked him for blowing the whistle because of his "belief in the sanctity of democracy". The Prime Minister's political secretary was part of the smear attacks. Here's barrister @MilsomChr asking the key question.

And this is an unusual but important intervention by @johnmcdonnellMP. We must now know who funds these groups. And the @BBC must make it clear they are lobbyists not "think tanks". Lobbyists for who though @matthew_elliott? Where's the £££ coming from?

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