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Oh is it time for #Marr? A short thread. Remember this? I was asked on #Marr to talk about "my story". In fact it was @shahmiruk's story. But I wasn't asked a single question about what he had revealed. About Vote Leave overspending

No @BBC bulletin covered @shahmiruk's story. His hugely significant revelations went unreported. Instead a leak from Number 10 co-ordinated with Vote Leave & Tax Payers Alliance shaped the news agenda. This wasn't electoral fraud. It was a 'Toxic Sex Row'

But it didn't end there. 2 weeks before Electoral Commission reported Vote Leave broke multiple laws @matthew_elliott leaked it to @BBC. He used BBC to smear @shahmirUK & call a fantasist & a liar. Elliott got to frame the story. The BBC was played

Astonishingly we now know @matthew_elliott's comments to BBC were unlawful. The Tax Payers Alliance has conceded they were part of an illegal smear campaign co-ordinated between 9 orgs & Downing Street. The BBC wasn't just used as a propaganda outlet. But to break British laws

Which brings us back to #Marr. Because last week, the BBC was played again. @arron_banks has led a year-long campaign of targeted harassment against me. And he used #Marr to smear me on live TV. The BBC was played. But this is not the worst thing

The worst thing is that both @matthew_elliott's & @arron_banks' strategies worked. They lied for a purpose. To create a distraction story. Which the BBC amplified. Meanwhile, the real story - of Banks & the Kremlin - is still untold. 

The BBC treated @shahmirUK abominably. But it goes much deeper. Today he revealed an invisible web of dark money that links 9 think tanks to Downing Street. BBC MUST now examine its role in this. The ruling shows how it being used as a propaganda outlet 

The refusal by the BBC to give me a right to reply to @arron_banks' baseless smears is extraordinary. It's not just bad journalism. And it's not just bad media law. It is deeply troubling. Banks attacks me to suppress the story about his links to Russia. It's worked

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