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When I talk to founders often I am very very direct and that can come off as inconsiderate. This is not my intention...

When I first came out to the valley I asked a lot of people for advice on how to make my startup great. What I got was a lot of luke warm, overly nice, and not very useful guidance. (YC was the exception)

I think the reason why was that I often asked investors for advice and they have mixed motivations. They never want to burn a bridge that can prevent them for getting access to a good investment...

... So they tend to be very cautious and often they don’t tell you what they are really thinking at all.

But some investors actually tell you the real deal with direct and clear language. As a founder - that is what I needed to hear.

Two people who did this for us at  http://Justin.tv  /  http://Twitch.tv  were Paul Buchheit @paultoo and Gideon Yu @gideonyu (of course there were many more)

I can honestly say that without their advice Twitch would never exist.

I *think* the reason why they were able to give great advice was that they were confident in themselves, were sincere in wanting to help us, and really didn’t give a shit if we thought they were mean or rude.

This is one of the core tenants of YC. To be honest and direct with our founders. Not to be hurtful, but to push them to confront the real problems in whatever they are trying to do.

Being in the receiving side of this style of advice giving can be very challenging. But there is so much gold here that for me it is worth the pain.

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