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To all those from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative who have reached out to me in recent months confessing your misgivings about the people you work for, now is the time to speak out and step away from laundering the reputation of a man who would sell democracy for user growth.

To be clear, if you are giving Mark Zuckberberg's money away, and stay, you are absolutely complicit in his company's smearing of George Soros, his exploitation of anti-Semitism, his corrupt lobbying, his refusal to own up to an act of warfare on America.

And you are not merely standing by while those things happen, giving his money away on the side. You are an absolutely critical part of how he maintains his corrupt power.

Your work giving his money away is how he purchases the chance to keep harming our society. Quit now.

And it would be great if other foundations stepped up and offered standing jobs to anyone willing to speak truth to power at CZI. I know for a fact, long before this story, that many people there have huge problems with their bosses and the power they wield and how they wield it.

The name Zuckerberg should also be removed from that hospital in San Francisco. Let's rename it after a genuine American hero. I nominate Harriet Tubman. I don't want to see a shrine to an enemy of American democracy every time I drive past it.

I similarly hope all the women who partook in Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In-industrial complex will speak up.

Millions of the women Sandberg was telling to Lean In were, it turns out, having their privacy violated and minds warped by a Russian intelligence operation.

It's not much help to women telling them to raise their hands more while you're compromising their democracy.

As the father of an infant daughter, I believe her life chances will be far more affected by Sandberg's selling out of democracy than by career advice. What good is that promotion when you're getting it in an authoritarian country?

There is something profoundly sexist about thinking you can destroy the democracy women live in but give them office tips and that the latter will make up for the former. The women I know care about the kind of country they live in, not just how to ace that meeting.

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