Mrkhtake2 @mrkhtake2 Still insisting on women's right to talk about their bodies. Intersex advocate. Please don't trans me when I'm dead. Nov. 15, 2018 1 min read

A couple of weeks ago it was #intersexawarenessday. The trans activists did what they always do and made sure every tweet centred them. So, I'd like to return the favour and use #transawarenessweek to raise awareness of intersex people for trans activists.

Firstly, intersex people actually exist as autonomous human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own. We're not lab rats in a thought experiment nor are we validation tools for someone else's identity.

Secondly, the fact intersex people exist isn't proof of anything other than the fact that sometimes the development of the reproductive tract can go awry. Intersex people are proof that intersex people exist.

This does not mean that we represent a "spectrum of sex" or that we are ever anything that isn't male or female. In fact, the vast majority of your favourite 1.7% statistic are easily categorised as either male or female at birth, like everybody else.

Speaking of vast majoroties, the vast majority of trans people are not intersex and the vast majority of intersex people are not trans. Conflating the two ignores the unique challenges of both groups and helps no one.

Let intersex people advocate for themselves. If you have a vested interest in using intersex people as a way to prop up your beliefs, you are not an intersex ally. Same goes for if you're spending your days questioning our right to be determined as the actual sex we are.

If trans activists would like to be intersex allies, they could lobby WPATH to stop pathologising the treatment of intersex children, for example, instead of claiming faux outrage on our behalf over matters that are nothing to do with us.

Most of all, I feel trans activists would be better off spending #transawarenessweek raising their own awareness of others and thinking about how they can stop using and abusing every vulnerable minority group and be better allies to the rest of us. The end.

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