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1. One more short Pelosi thread, then I promise I'm done! I just think two particular episodes from her history are worth mentioning -- I'm not sure they are widely known.

2. First, there was the time GW Bush wanted to destroy Social Security by privatizing it. Congress was full of weak-kneed Blue Dog Dems ready to compromise. Pelosi said: F that, we're holding steady. And they did. Ian tells the tale:

3. Second, there was the time Scott Brown was elected senator in Mass., Obama lost his 60-seat senate supermajority, and lots of people (notably Rahm Emanuel) were advising him to take the loss, scale back healthcare plans, and pass something more modest, say, to cover children.

4. It was *very* much up in the air whether Dems would continue to pursue their long-held dream of a comprehensive healthcare plan. Once again, Pelosi stepped in. She told Obama to put on his big-boy pants & keep fighting. He did. ACA passed.  https://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/health/policy/21reconstruct.html 

5. History is complicated & things rarely happen for singular, clear reasons ... but in these 2 episodes, it comes pretty close. Pelosi -- specifically, her fighting spirit -- saved Social Security & gave the US ACA, leading to 10s of millions of people getting health insurance.

6. Many millions of people are more financially secure and healthier because of Pelosi. Hard to think of a single US politician with higher numbers on the plus side of the utilitarian ledger. These are not pretty words. They are American lives.

7. Anyway, when she echoes cliches about bipartisanship, you're welcome to be irritated, but remember the record. You can say many things about Pelosi, but "unwilling to fight for her own side" is not one of them. She has proven much more willing to fight than most Dems.</fin>

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