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NEW: the extraordinary emails that show Banks seeking Steve Bannon's help to raise $$$ in US for Brexit. Bannon & Banks in close communication as Banks is offered "gold & diamond deals" by Russian ambassador named in Mueller indictments 

Well done to @EmmaLBriant who's submitted these emails to parliament to be published Monday. Urgent new questions for @arron_banks. "Hard documentary evidence" of foreign funders & transatlantic interests". "Political influence" & "business interests" equally important.

Extraordinary cast of characters. Steve Bannon. Arron Banks. And "c lowe" - @nigel_farage's closest aide at the time.

...and extraordinary propositions being made. In email of October 24, 2015, Arron Banks is asking Cambridge Analytica to come up with Brexit fundraising strategy for States. Note: it is illegal for a political campaign to take foreign donations.

But THIS caught my eye. November 18. The day LeaveEU launched its press campaign. The same day @arron_banks & @andywigmore went to Russian embassy & were intro-ed to gold & diamond deals. Did Bannon know? He's on the email about donors & "presentations". What else did he know?

Britain: Steve Bannon is not just the man the @bbc invites to its special conferences. And this is not just an email. He's the close associate of @nigel_farage. He was the man behind Trump. He's been interviewed by Mueller "at least" 3 times 

Here's @damiancollins summing up the issues so well. And repeating his call for Mueller-style inquiry. "Role of Bannon & Mercer...far deeper & more complex than we realised". This is bigger than Brexit. It's a global movement. That Britain is just one small part of.

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