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News from COREPER tonight via @POLITICOEurope.

Absurd that UKGov appears to still be pursuing Chequers when it has been repeatedly ruled out. Stunningly blinkered, as per usual. 1/

This is particularly ill-judged when paired with May’s (frankly bizarre) insistance that UK agreement to the WA is dependent on “getting what we want” in the political declaration. 2/

In case anyone hadn’t noticed, she, and UKGov, has already agreed to the Withdrawal Agreement and informed EU27 that they have. The UK has not, however, ratified it or agreed the political declaration yet. 3/

So this is UKGov threatening (again) to renege on something that it has already agreed to unless it gets EU27 agreement for something that they have said repeatedly they will not agree to. 4/

Not only does this undermine trust (again) at a point where UKGov particularly needs the support and understanding of EU27 (again), but it is also trying (again) to use the failed strategy of threatening EU27 to get agreement to UKGov’s impossible asks. 5/

I genuinely can’t believe that, after 2 years of this, we are still at the point that these incredibly obvious, basic things have to be said.

I despair. I really do. 6/6

Bit of context in case useful. The ‘outline’ of the Political Declaration on the future relationship published with the WA is just that. UK and Commission are still negotiating the ‘fleshed out’ final version which, once agreed by negotiators, will go back to EU27 for agreement.

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