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WikiLeaks tweeted about this murky NY real estate deal involving Trump Int'l and the Erdogan family shortly after Roger Stone lobbied for Assange's pardon.

Multiple parties in the linked email chains are accused money launderers.


Here's what we know. Thread. ⬇️

In June 2013, Trump International’s Elena Baronoff - a former Russian “cultural attache” - exchanged several emails discussing pricy Midtown Manhattan real estate with then-head of a Turkish non-profit THO, which were forwarded to Erdogan’s son Bilal + son-in-law Berat Albayrak.

WikiLeaks published the hacked emails under the name “Berat’s Box” in Dec. 2016, but did not tweet this out until Jan. 18 this year.

Mother Jones recently reported Stone’s texts from Jan. 6 showing an effort to secure a pardon for Assange. 

The emails involve a vacant 14-story building at 315 W. 35th Street.

The parties are:

Halil Danismaz- Non-profit THO’s then-prez, seen coordinating w/ Erdogan family in emails.
Baronoff- Trump exec w/ Russia ties (now deceased)
Lou Posner- Broker/ex-pimp (aka “Big Daddy Lou”)

Baronoff, who died in 2015, appeared in nine emails from June 2013, on Trump's behalf. 

Erdogan implicated in a money laundering scheme during that time. An email mentions two banks involved in this scheme: Vakifbank and Ziraat. (Translation needed.)

Posner, the broker who the Post called Lap Dance Lou, is a disbarred lawyer who pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution at his strip clubs. His plea deal dropped a money laundering count against him.

His name's on the offering memorandum.


The WikiLeaks emails do not show whether the real estate deal was completed. Public records show that the deed was sold three years ago to Mazel 315 West 35th LLC, a shell company tied to developer Isaac Chetrit.

Real Deal profile on him here: 

Records from NY civil litigation show invoice from Mazel 315 West 35th LLC’s receiver billing for emails with Posner “regarding showing,” roughly two months before dates of Trump Int’l and Erdogan family emails.

Question for U.S./Turkish readers: What happened to Danismaz/Erdogan family/Trump Int'd deal described in the WikiLeaks emails?

Help me close the loop on this thread, one way or another.

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Taking a cue from Fahrenthold's crowdsourcing on Trump Fndn, I tweeted out my research in search for any leads readers could provide. Your help pinning down what happened to this deal one way or another would be much appreciated.

Reader tip:

Baronoff to Danismaz on 6/24/2013: "Today I am flying to Istanbul but I will always be reachable while I am there via email/text/cell."

Three days later, Baronoff posts about "18 hours of negotiations" from Istanbul. Who's pictured below?

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