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Don’t worship big tech companies and take the technichal choices they make at face value. Yes, they have many smart people, probably collectively smarter than you. Yes, the stack they use is *probably* robust.

But they’re solving THEIR own problem. Not yours.

Unless you have the same use case as a big tech company, there are little to no reasons to make the same technical choices.

Adopting a stack should be tied to a use case (ideally) and your current team’s abilities (pragmatically).

React is great, but don’t use it because Facebook makes and uses it. Use it because it makes SENSE to the use case.

Conversely, don’t use React for every project. You probably actually *need* it for less than half of them.

N.B.: this isn’t about React. Put any hot tech instead.

You can apply this to everything you hear about. Not every company/project needs an SPA/PWA/DDD/Blockchain or whatever you hear is the THING.

Nothing is the universal thing. Study things and learn to use them wherever they can help. Not because they sound cool.

If someones asks you "why do you use this" you should be able to explain it. Acceptable answers include "because it’s a good fit for reasons X and Y", "because it’s a legacy project and we don’t have time to rewrite it" or "because our team is small and that’s what we know best".

Yes, making pragmatic choices makes sense. Sometimes, another technology is better but you don’t have anyone qualified with it, no time to train them and not enough funds to hire a new person.

It’s okay. Be aware of it and keep it in mind. That’s high on your priority list.

Take this one with a grain of salt. Using a technology that would *work* but could hurt a project doesn’t make sense.

But you get the drill. Use the right tech, for the right use case, taking into account what you have.

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