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This would mean UK Citiz without a degree or equivalent:
- will only get EU visas for 11-mths (24 if <30)
- will have little chance of getting permanent jobs in the EU
- or (much cheaper) year or longer rental contracts
- or any chance of promotion from a temporary job

According to ONS figures, 60% of people in the UK between 21 and 65 do not have a degree. Those 60% have lower employment rates than graduates. 

Over their entire working life bar the 1st couple of years, those 60% on non-graduates earn less than graduates. 

And yet they, the people that politicians have always loved to patronisingly tell to get on their bike and look for work are the ones that will be directly denied the opportunity to do just that and look for work and opportunities beyond the UK in the EU.4/

Those with degrees, with better employment and salary opportunities already open to them, and, on average, still from already better off backgrounds, will no doubt face more and more stringent paperwork & terms, but will have their opportunities reduced to a lesser extent. 5/

This is government policy deliberately acting against social mobility, and against opportunities for the worse off. A cynical populist move made out of political avarice, based on the hope that people do not understand that it affects them, not just foreigners. 6/

This is saying to most of society that others will, as a matter of policy, decide the limits of their horizons. 7/

As I've said before, it's telling the least well off that the world out there is not for you. It's only for people better than you. Shut up, be happy with your lot here, and don't even think of hoping for more. People like you don't get more. 8/

And people will cheer the loss of their rights and the loss of their opportunities until eventually, in the not too distant future, few will even remember they ever had them. 9/

Meanwhile, those that took their rights and opportunities, for the sake of ideological obsession and political self-interest, will lounge in a well provided for retirement, satisfied with what they've done. If they even bother to give it a second thought. 10/10

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