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Not to humblebrag or anything, but my favorite part of getting posted on hackernews or reddit is that EVERY SINGLE TIME there's one highly-ranked reply that's "jesus man, this could have been a blog post! why make 20 tweets when you can make one blog post?"


I have ADHD. I have bad ADHD that is being treated, and the treatment is NOT WORKING TERRIBLY WELL.
I cannot focus on writing blog posts. it will not happen.

if I try to make a blog post, it'll end up being abandoned and unfinished, as I am unable to edit it into something readable and postable. so if I went 100% to blogs:
You would get: no content
I would get: lots of unfinished drafts and a feeling of being a useless waste

but I can do rambly tweet threads. they don't require a lot of attention for a long time, they don't have the endless editing I get into with blog posts, I can do them. I do them a bunch! They're just rambly and twitter, which some people don't like.

so given this is a choice between two options, I can either:
1. make rambly tweet-threads that some people hate and wish were blogs
2. make no blog posts

I am sorry that I am picking #1, but it's really best for everyone.

I've tweeted about it before, but I've been told this is "unprofessional"
and I'm sorry if this surprises you, but I am not a professional writer.
of course my hobby writing is going to be unprofessional.

Cause it turns out there's good reasons I'm not a professional writer, and the main one is that I can't do it.

(although arguably right now I AM a professional writer, in that my only income stream is my patreon, since I'm currently unemployed. shit.)

that's here, btw, cause everytime I mention my patreon someone goes "WHAT, YOU HAVE A PATREON?". I'm not doing a good job of mentioning it. 

and the hackernews thread is here: 

BTW, I couldn't post that before because I was on phone-internet and apparently hackernews is blocking t-mobile IPs? weird.

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