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(Thread) Sunday recap: This week’s threads

I guess I'm doing this every Sunday.

#1: A question about "collusion" from the court's rejection of a motion to dismiss from Concord (Russian defendant in one of the Mueller indictments):

#2: I updated this thread on the NY AG's petition against the Trump Foundation with this week's news: The court rejected the Trump motion to dismiss.

Rule of Law seems to be surviving the Trump onslaught.

#3 A question expressing frustration because it seems like the criminal actors in TrumpRussia may never be brought to justice.

Here I give some of the practical reasons it’s hard to reel in these people.

P.S. They won't get away with it.

#4. Yes, Democrats fracturing and splintering is a big worry.

Dems tend to do that. Here are a few reasons:

#5: How did Trump happen? It’s mostly about race. (Mostly I link to other threads in response to a comment)

#6: About that phrase “liberal democracy” . . .

People quarrel & say "America wasn't founded as a liberal democracy" as if therefore we shouldn't have it.

A: "America was founded as a white male patriarchy. That doesn't mean we should have one."

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