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NEW: Facebook responds to UK parliament's seizure of internal docs. It is getting its lines of attack out there. This is copy of its letter to @DamianCollins that it has just sent me...

...So let's examine. Firstly, note this is from Richard Allan. He's the ex-MP turned lobbyist who is facing MPs questions on Tuesday. He's sent this to @DamianCollins (& me) to explain the "context"

The "context", says Facebook, is that this is some "bikini app". The problem with this as a line of argument for Facebook is that this has bugger all to do with why Parliament has seized the docs. The "context" is actually Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to answer MPs questions

But this is fair enough. It is important that "claims made in a commercial case are not taken at face value". Quite so. That's presumably why Parliament wished to see the underlying evidence. Which it now has

And this is interesting. Facebook saying "We got a whole load of shit for sharing users' data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal...& these guys had an app that relied upon users' data!" Nail on head, Facebook. It's how these decisions were made that goes to heart of issue...

...and remember, @Facebook, MPs have asked you questions about who knew what when re Cambridge Analytica scandal multiple times. And you've failed to answer. These docs go to older decisions. But same issue. So yes, worrying about "parliamentary privilege" is probably wise

Final bit of "context": @Guardian & @CNN joined forces and filed brief to try & get these docs unsealed in public interest. That had nothing to do with merits or otherwise of Six4Three's claim.

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