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Stop press: 🔥 🔥 🔥

Straight in: ‘Lord Allan’s answer this morning was false’ (About apps access to user data)

Ex-FTC chief technologist testifying now saying Facebook has lied on key claims

‘In short Facebook allowed developers to access users’ data time & time again.’

‘Facebook is unable to govern itself. Senior leadership will continue to do the minimum possible’

Charlie Angus (Canada): ‘You are testifying under oath that Facebook misrepresented themselves to this committee?’ ‘Correct.’
‘That is contempt of this committee’

What about this for a question: ‘Did Lord Allan deliberately mislead this committee? It’s quite a thing if he’s deliberately misled this committee? He’s a member of the House Of Lords’

Soltani: ‘I’ve worked on this issue for a decade. I was literally listening to the hearing this morning. And when companies make deliberately deceptive statements it gets under my skin’

Paul Farrelly: ‘you’ve used the word deceptive. From what we’ve seen you could also use the word amoral, rapacious, contemptuous’

Soltani: ‘643 docs likely critical to current FTC investigation’ (BIG deal. FTC has TEETH. Investigation live & ongoing)

Charlie Angus to @DamianCollins. I find it very disturbing if Lord Allan misrepresented facts to the representatives of 400 million people. That is contempt & deceit.’

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