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Ever since they were tiny blobs, the puppies have loved running.

They have explored the farm.

They have introduced themselves to our neighbors.

They have met the big dogs.

They have climbed to new heights.

But they’ve never pulled a sled.

...until today.

First, we had to choose some chill, responsible grown-ups to run with the puppies.

Naturally, grandma Pepe would be leading the team.

You may recall that the pups’ uncle Clem is well-adjusted.

We picked Clem as grown-up sledmentor number 2.

The third and final sledmentor was mama Willow.

The trail out of the kennel is very icy — a bit too treacherous for young pups — so we filled the barkbox with some fresh straw bedding. It smelled sweet, like horses.

Then it was time to load up the pups.

What do you smell in there, frens?

Things were already getting exciting!

When we’d loaded up half the puppies, we drove down the icy slope to the trail. That way, we could start on nice, smooth snow. Time for harnessing...

“yes u may harness me, I will lie here, this is how to put on a harness right?”

The barkbox was full of wiggles as the pups waited their turn.

I think Jules was a little nervous.

And off they went!


Pretty soon, every pup was getting his or her turn.

Whichever pups weren’t running at a given moment got to ride along in the barkbox.

Biggie and Forrest put the bark in barkbox.

We stopped for frequent pet-and-praise breaks.

There were some moments of confusion...

...but the sledmentors did a great job staying chill and setting an example.

“see lil frens, this is how u scratch ur itchy face”

“can we do this again?”

You can do this as many times as you want, I told them. You have so many good runs in your future.

But for now, it’s time to rest.

The end.

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