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Thread: It’s true that the default is that UK will leave the EU with a catastrophic No Deal Brexit on 29th March.

Remember though that allowing that to happen would be an active choice by the PM and Govt. It would be because they had decided not to act to try to stop it. 1/

The Government is not an innocent, neutral bystander in this. Their policy is a choice, and they can decide to change it at any time. 2/

If (when) the Withdrawal Agreement is rejected by Parliament, the Govt. will attempt to blame MPs for taking us closer to No Deal. But the only reason that could be true is if the Govt. then refuses to act to stop No Deal. It’s the Govt’s decision. 3/

It could request an extension for a ref, beg for one to complete ratification, attempt a last minute revocation (agreed with EU27 or unilaterally. We’ll know if the latter is possible soon). 4/

The response of 95% of commentators is “But she’ll never do that Steve”.

Well, that’s the point. It’s the PM’s choice. Her not acting to attempt to avert no deal would be an active choice to pursue certain national disaster by our own Govt. 5/

An act of omission such as this is no different to a positive act.

There are no clean hands for the Govt. here. No saying “but it wasn’t us that actually did it” while watching the horror unfold. No place in heaven for refusing to act while choosing to allow it to happen. 6/

The Govt may not want to act. They may think it is bad for them politically or electorally. They may think it would be embarassing, or goes against their policies. Fine. 7/

But not acting would be freely choosing to put those concern above that of averting a certain national catastrophe. 8/

No Deal is the default, but it is not inevitable until the day it happens. Until that day, the Govt can choose take action that would have a very, very high probability of averting it. 9/

Not doing so at that point, and being a disinterested bystander too scared to act, would be perhaps the most criminally reckless and irresponsible act of any Govt in history. 10/10

H/T to @SteveLawrence_, @Sime0nStylites and @KirstyS_Hughes for getting me thinking about this.

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