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One of the best things I spent money on this year is Netflix. For only $12 a month, I have access to amazing films! So, friends, this is a list of the 10 best documentaries I watched this year on Netflix. I've learned a lot. I can't wait to learn more.

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1. Three Wives, One Husband.

For some, polygamy is strange. This documentary follows a tight-knit community in the US (where polygamy is illegal), their lives, their marriages, their joys, etc. You'll recognize how normal the strange lives of 'different' people are. #YearOfTen

2. Dirty Money.

Looking up to some big companies? Think again. This documentary exposes some dirty things companies have done to make more money or trick their customers. From VW's 'clean engines' to maple syrup thieves in Canada to Trump's fraudulent university.


3. The Story of God.

I dream of hosting a documentary like this one day. Morgan Freeman goes around the world looking at how different religions describe things. Death, salvation, burial, faith, food, where did we come from? It is wanderlust plus curiosity!


4. Trump: An American Dream.

Ever wondered how the world got to this place? How Donald Trump became president of the US? How such a con(fidence) man walked his way from a real estate family in New York to the highest throne in the free world? You'll love this one.


5. Drug Lords.

The illegal drug industry is so big, it is estimated to be 1% of the world's GDP. So who are the people who run this industry? You'll never believe how much they resemble you and me. The series shows how they rose, reigned and fell...


6. Making a Murderer.

This will make you angry. Then curious. Then confused. The police department in a small town framed a man for murder and sent him to prison. He was acquitted and sued the department. Then, mysteriously, someone else died on his property. Huh?


7. 13th!

This brilliant work exposes the prison industrial complex in the US and reveals why the prisons are getting fuller as prisons in other developed countries are becoming empty. Oh, and people of color are disproportionately affected. There's a reason.


8. First and Last.

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone goes to jail? How about their last day in jail? This documentary shows the first and last days in jail of arrested persons. The fear, the games, the tricks, the mistakes, the joy, everything!


9. History will record Barack Obama as the coolest president in American far. So who would turn down an opportunity to travel with him on his final year as president of the US? I didn't...and I am so glad I watched this. Cool isn't accidental, FYI.


10. Whitney: Can I Be Me?

I loved Whitney Houston. I cried when she died. I prayer for her baby every day till she died. I recognize the legend of 'The Voice' but all the cards were stacked up against her. Her gift was her voice, her curse was the fame.


11 - Bonus - Kardashian: The Man Who Saved OJ Simpson.

You've heard about OJ Simpson. You've heard about his infamous case. You've also heard about the Kardashian women - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. But did you know the role their father played in OJ's murder trial?


I watched so many documentaries on Netflix this year. These are only 11 of my favorite ones. What about you? What documentary is a must-see on Netflix? Please share. Also, if you have any list of 10 things to share from this year, we'd love to read from you!


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