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Well look at this. In rare speech, head of M16 says expulsion of diplomats post-Skripal "significantly degraded Russian intelligence capability". So MI6 is admitting that Alexander Udod - Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore's contact at Russian embassy - was a spy? 

Reminded of the last time, Alex Younger made a speech.

...this was intro to @ObserverUk's May '17 Great Brexit Robbery article that laid out links between Trump-Brexit-Russia. Since then, we know US intelligence has worked closely with British intelligence...Mueller indictments show web of links through London 

...Alex Younger, head of M16, made that speech Dec 2016. "It’s not MI6’s job to warn of internal threats," intel analyst told me. "Was it pointed at Theresa May’s government? Does she know something she’s not telling us?" Remember May was head of Home Office - & M15 - in 2016

Here she is dodging @BenPBradshaw's question: did she block investigation into Arron Banks?? Why won't she answer the question?

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