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Failure of the media, and/or complete capitulation to the narrative of foreign and domestic enemies in the wake of the Flynn indictment.

Also, indictment of criminal, seditious, and/or traitorous politicians in the past 48 months.

Based on the following: 

Principal thesis: the last 2-20 years of media narrative has missed the point completely.

When the Global Mafia came for Democracy's throat, here what our supposed Fourth Estate missed:

In no particular order:
1. The existence of organized crime
2. Systemic corruption of finance
3. Systemic corruption of think tanks and academia

4. Continued operation of former Soviet assets in a new form
5. Continued intelligence operations by Russian nationals using US media under guise of US civil rights

6. Connection of Syrian civil war with European immigration and asylum issues and hostile intelligence operations
7. Rudimentary understanding of finance in any sense

8. Effect of digital media on the trade of journalism itself
9. Corruption of digital metrics to achieve larger goal of information environment subversion
10. Supplanting of career professionals in major media with children of privilege

11. Expanded role of public relations firms and unregistered agents of hostile powers on major media figures including surreptitious, in-kind, and direct compensation
12. The same on political candidates

This dozen is enough. Unless you're crooked.

Flynn's fate will expose and change all of this. And then. It'll get *actually* awkward.


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