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BREAKING: Here are the documents Facebook didn't want you to see. Just released by parliament. Judge for yourself why. 

Facebook responds...

..what was said in parliament last week about the "clarity" of those facts...

A LOT going on this email from Mark Zuckerberg. "Data leak"? That "big question" about to get revenue from. And the question of not having "any way to get developers pay us at all" without limiting "access to friends"...

And look! What an amazing coincidence. Last night, Facebook announced it had revised its entire app policy. Previously it killed apps that looked like they might compete with Facebook...note the name here. "Apps like Vine..."

Uncanny, no? Less than 12 hours later, Parliament releases an email exchange between Mark Zuckerberg & senior executive about Vine in which they kill its access to Friends' data.

The good news? Facebook says all those apps that got kicked off & lost access to friends' data can now reapply. The bad news? Vine is dead. Too bad, Vine. You lost. Get over it.

NY Times story up: 

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