Janelle Shane @JanelleCShane Research Scientist in optics. Plays with neural networks. Avid reader, writer, and player of Irish flute. she/her. wandering.shop/@janellecshane Dec. 07, 2018 1 min read

I trained a neural network on 1,228 types of cookies and apparently these are what cookies sound like to it.

okay so i had a try at training the neural net on the cookie recipes themselves.
and um

here's another neural net cookie recipe. it was looking almost normal for a while there.

upped the sampling creativity a little and you know, the recipes didn't really get better. less sugar, yes.
maybe the neural net needs more training.

trained the neural net for a little longer. i'm not sure if this is better. maybe this is better?

so far it has asked for:
1 cup greased bananas; granulated
1/2 cup milk or very crumbs
1/4 cup white wheat oat liquids

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