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The delusion I can handle. It’s the wilful blindness to the criminality that’s unforgivable. Mueller’s investigation is reaching its endgame, Corbyn’s principle advisor is a Putin apologist & every Labour MP who remains silent should hang their heads in shame.

This is the man who’s determined to ignore Britain’s deep links to the Trump-Russia investigation. This is him with Putin...*after* he invaded Crimea. After Russia shot MH17 out of the sky.

Milne’s support of Russia is like Farage’s. There’s nothing hidden. It’s completely overt. Read Milne. Take him at his word. And then ask why Corbyn has been so utterly & completely silent on Brexit-Trump-Russia. On the criminal acts that underpin the referendum

This man was identified last night as an unindicted co-conspirator. The man next to him was on his campaign team. His financial backer Arron Banks was liasing with Russian embassy at that time.

I met Corbyn at the Labour conference & asked to brief him. He agreed & said it would be ‘helpful’. But it’s his advisors who won’t let me near him. This thread will win me no friends but Labour has a Russia problem. Milne not just pro-Putin but also linked to ‘Organization 1’

‘Organization 1’ is Wikileaks. Mueller has identified it as cut-out for Russian intelligence. Organization 1’s lawyer is close to Milne. Everyone has a right to a private life but at this point Corbyn needs to recognise the multiple conflicts of interest 

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