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Here’s a rule: If you are a Democrat pondering another presidential run, don’t attend plutocratic weddings overseas. Just don’t.

Visit India, yes. Get to know regular people, yes.

But have you learned nothing about sketchy ties to foreign oligarchs being unhelpful to winning?

This is why Democrats who cannot pay the rent are so refreshing to so many. Democrats with one home. Democrats who don’t know foreign oligarchs on a first-name basis. Democrats worth less than a million dollars. Democrats who don’t have to hide who they are to relate to folks.

For background on the Ambanis, here’s an old profile I wrote: 

@jamescrabtree also writes about them, I believe.

Like, why? Just why? 

You can’t be against the Koch brothers here at home, and then consort with Koch brother-like oligarchs around the world who play in precisely the ways that they do. That is, and seems, so inauthentic.

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