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Hey there friends, acquaintances, internet strangers!

As we approach the new year, I would like to encourage you to evaluate your digital footprint. I'll thread some useful things, but if you only see this tweet, check out 


It can be daunting to clean up your digital footprint when you look at these links and see the sheer number of sites out there that might have data on you. Instead of tackling it all in one day, maybe set aside a couple hours spread out across the next couple weeks.

I would highly encourage everyone to freeze their credit reports. Significant benefits, only minor inconvenience. Here are links for the three major bureaus. 

Review the privacy policies of your financial institutions. They usually have agreements to provide partners with transaction information, and much of this can be opted out of via a web form.

If you'd like to see what information is out there about you, I highly recommend using @IntelTechniques'  to search for yourself

There are services that will do a lot of data broker cleanup for you for a fee. I personally haven't used them since I enjoy hunting myself down. But one such service is  and abine provides some quality privacy services that I have used before.

While you're at it, you should go through Google's privacy checkup - 

Facebook also has a privacy checkup tool but I haven't had a Facebook account in several years so cannot speak to how effective it is. I do recall there being a button to make all your old posts restricted to friends-only, and you should do that.

Services like  and  offer ways to provide vendors with one-time use digital credit cards. This can be exceptionally useful in avoiding fraud when interacting with standalone vendors. Some banks even provide this service as well.

While not exactly related to your digital footprint, I'd argue that it's absolutely related to privacy:

Use email addresses that you can distinguish when a vendor shares your information. I swear they aren't paying me, but abine offers this service as part of Blur.

And if you're going to use unique email addresses, then using unique passwords is only logical. Install a password manager. Install a few and find one you really like and can commit to using.

The chance of RandomInternetSite, LLC getting owned is higher than the chance of a reputable password manager getting owned. So when RandomInternetSite, LLC gets owned, make sure that your password can't be used to gain access to your other accounts.

Back to privacy and footprint things - you can get a copy of your credit report from each of the three major bureaus once per year. You can spread them out and get one every four months in order to have a constant idea.

Make sure there are no surprises waiting for you there!

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