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Dear @jumiatravelNG,

I’m reaching you here because I dont want you get away with doing this again, and again, with neither an apology nor damages for being a pathetic flight booking agency. I suspect you’re running a scam, and I’ll tell my side of the story in this thread.

I patronize you for being a local enterprise that requires our collective patronage, @jumiatravelNG, and even though I had not been exactly pleased I kept the faith. But what you did to me today has shattered any benefit of the doubt that had I harboured since our last encounter.

.@jumiatravelNG About three months ago I booked Abuja - London flight, made payment via online transfer. Hours later, your agent called and explained that the amount had increased. I transferred the added amount without protest because I had no time to start booking process anew.

Today, the same thing happened, @jumiatravelNG. I booked London -Abuja flight, receiving an email quoting what to pay, which I did. Then, as if practicing from an old script, I got a call from your agent, saying the price had increased and that I had to add about N100,000. C’mon!

I find your model suspicious, @jumiatravelNG, for it seems like a ploy to mislead and attract customers. You don’t run a business by making people appear like idiots. This Mavrodi School of Business idea might have worked, but you must’ve known that every scam has an expiry date!

.@jumiatravelNG I’ve already booked another flight from London to Abuja. My grouse right now is, I asked your agent to refund my money, and I’ve sent my account details, and nothing has been done.

I’m giving you 24 hours to refund my money. And thank you for ruining my plans.

Update: I woke up to this email from Jumia Travel - that my money won’t be refunded until 3 - 5 working days. If I had nothing to book another flight, this means I would’ve been stranded in London. Wow!

We are heading to court when I get to Nigeria, @jumiatravelNG.

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