Garry() @garrytan Managing Partner, @Initialized. Earliest investor in @coinbase @instacart @flexport & 100+ more—$36B in startup market cap so far. Forbes Midas List 2019 #21 🚀 Dec. 16, 2018 1 min read

1/ On outsiders vs insiders:

If you’re an outsider to tech (no exits, nobody has heard of you, early in your career) then get used to being shocked at things insiders can pull off.

Huge ridiculous fundraises with no traction. Big staff. Splashy press.

2/ Don’t bother trying to compare. Build the product. Get some users and traction. Fundamentals.

If you do those things, you will be better off than those overfunded ex-C-levels or serial entrepreneurs. All that money makes it harder to succeed as often as it makes it easier.

3/ In warfare as in startups, waging a hand to hand guerrilla war on the ground can defeat shock and awe and billion dollar air superiority.

It will require years of struggle in obscurity. It will require dedication of a full team of true believers.

But victory is possible.

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