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Having pretty closely tracked the Far Right in the UK this year, the sooner we think about 'Tommy Robinson' and those orbiting him, structurally, as a kind of criminal gang, the more their behaviour makes sense. Here’s an attempt to articulate that... /1

‘Tommy’, of course, had his start in football hooliganism - gang behaviour that is closely linked to organized crime. The violence is almost secondary to the control of territory and hence illicit activity such as drug dealing and protection. /2 

We’re all aware in the last few years that ‘Tommy’ has gone ‘straight’, not only eschewing his hooligan past, but supposedly his Far Right beliefs. However, in the organization that surrounds him, there are similarities with organized criminal gangs. /3 

From the outset, it’s important to note that I can’t and won’t be making any specific allegations here that are hitherto unknown - this is just a(n amateur) comparative study that takes a brief look at how gangs operate, compared to the Far Right ecosystem surrounding ‘Tommy’. /4

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