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super mario 64 is a free masonic and illuminist digital ritual

the game begins in this masonic hall. there is the checkerboard floor, symbolic of the world of polarized opposites, the physical world on which the ritual is based. there is also a solar disk, red carpet, and the hall is three layers.

the “coins” in this game are actually pentacles, they are the coins from tarot and occult symbolism. in this game you play the role of a mercury type character traveling into the earth and between the realms

the first map is a trail that winds up a giant mountain with obstacles along the way. this is an extremely common occult image found, for example, in rosicrucianism. at the top of this mountain is usually some regal symbol that embodies divinity.

at the top of this mountain is a king, whom mario battles and dethrones.

the 2nd level is a floating world. japan has essentially been under nefarious illuminati-esque control for some time (nintendo began as company that made cards that some used for divination). this floating world symbolism must be viewed in that context, games are this new world:

in this level mario meets an owl. the owl instructs you to look into his shadow. owl is probably the most classic secret society symbol. is on dollar bill, in DC layout, associated with athena, etc.

this owl ride drops you onto a “caged island”. you must consider that groups like skull and bones do ritual magic with each other, of course they would think millions of people enacting these archetypal and specific situations could affect their psyche/ something collective.

in free masonic rituals they will put you into a coffin and have you enact your own death. in the next level mario descends into a sunken pirate ship, descending into the depth of the water and coming back up again. “pirates” as a theme is also symbolic.

the knights templar are one link in the chain of secret societies according to their own mythology. after the knights templar were forced to go underground their navy went underground as well and re-emerged as the suddenly ubiquitous faux rogue “pirate ships”.

the “pirate ship flag” with the skull and bones is actually the skull of jacques de molay and his two thigh bones that the other knights failed to find when they came to collect his bones after his execution. this is one reason why pirate stuff is pushed by hollywood so hard.

games like this will often feature a pirate level for this reason, as an allusion to this. it is also forcing you to perform a mock baptism of yourself in digital water. mario never starts in the water in any of these water levels, he submerges himself every time. moving on

next up is this snow mountain level. just going to cut to the chase, the elite use certain concepts like the popular idea of antarctica to delude people and keep them in the dark about reality (antarctica is not what most people think). things like this are mocking you, basically

theres this star where a snowman loses his head. the main “mystery babylon” dark religion myth is that of osiris, mainly him being dismembered and isis questing for his body parts. you will often see allusions to this theme in rituals (obelisks are the missing phallus of osiris)

so far we have been through the grand hall, climbed a mountain and killed a king, an owl dropped us into a cage, we were submerged in water and we found a severed head and rebuilt a body. after this mario descends into the basement for the next part of the ritual. ⏸️

going to continue this thread rn. just making some white tea

mario processes down a long hallway into a courtyard. this is mario moving into a special niche altar, usually located in a certain cardinal direction set aside from the main temple. he is in the shadow behind the castle, and in the center of this courtyard is this sculpture:

inside a small baptismal fountain (8 sides) is a star on top of a pyramid thats missing its top. pyramid with missing capstone is another masonic symbol, i.e on the dollar and on certain buildings

the missing capstone is the missing phallus of osiris. mentioned this before but when osiris was killed and dismembered (caught by his brother) his wife had to go find all his parts. she couldnt find the phallus and instead crafted one of gold so she could remake him

this is what the obelisk is in mystery babylon / masonic symbolism. the missing capstone is also this “missing piece”, the lost “word” of freemasonry. when isis finds this piece she can conceive her son horus from the newly remade osiris. anyway:

on this plaque it says something. most people think it says “L is real” + then a number. i wouldnt really believe this but apparently some guy wrote a letter to nintendo and the letter calls it the “L is real” message but says its just a meaningless joke they put in for no reason

hmm... L is real. thats interesting.

what could the number be? these groups often use a different dating system. (see AL, literally “anno lucis” in the pic) honestly wouldnt normally speculate on something like this but thought the letter was interesting, if real

in this level mario descends into the world of the dead (boos mansion). in the secret society rituals i am discussing you are “killed” in some symbolic way, often locked in a coffin or something, and then you are reborn newly as a member of the organization or “initiated” group

in this level there are enemies that are big eyes that watch you. there is also a boss who is a giant eye, to kill him you have to let him watch you and then circumambulate him. circumambulation (walking around something) is a pagan form of worship

in this level you also have to run underneath these coffins right after circling the giant eye (can see in background of above pic). in groups like skull and bones youre locked into a coffin

now mario descends to the lowest point in the castle. he heads far down and walks through a hall with these torch lights. this is a processional subterranean hall. there are pools of water and more masonic (checkerboard) flooring. this painting hangs at the end of the hall

we’re not going into this level yet, but you have to pass this painting to get where ur going. who is this? its not bowser, and this enemy doesnt exist on this level or anywhere in this game. guess its just a random fire demon or something they made up for no reason

the other place you can go before getting into the next level is another small hall, that leads you into a small room with two pillars just sitting here (in the game, you hit these pillars). these are the twin pillars boaz and jachin from solomons temple, used in all occult stuff

the game calls them “the pillars”

the next level is a cave. mario was just in death world, now hes going into this cave, another classically symbolic and archetypal place fitting with the death and rebirth theme of this stage. to enter this level you immerse yourself in this pool. what is this liquid?

this is the same hypersmooth hyperfluid metallic texture we see on mario when he gets the metal cap. its not metal like steel, its almost like liquid metal. this is quicksilver, otherwise known as mercury. when mario gets the metal cap he literally becomes the alchemical mercury

this is obviously the metal that metal mario is based on. its pretty counter intuitive to use quicksilver for a metal character like this because it possesses none of the qualities we associate with metal (its liquid, soft, malleable). it only makes sense in this symbolic context

when mario gets the red cap, he becomes the mythological mercury. for a long time people knew that when they were seeing an image of a man with a winged hat that they were looking at an image of mercury or hermes. obvious.

nintendo actually has very specific rules about including religious imagery in games, “pagan” stuff in the roman sense is specifically allowed, and they break these rules for certain games like zelda.. this is interesting but dont want to detour too hard into this at this time

why mercury? mercury is the pagan god and kabbalistic / occult force or energy that is all about navigating between the realms or traveling between worlds. he can go below into the subterranean layers and up into the celestial realms, he is messenger of the gods.

this doesnt necessarily mean these people even believe in a god called mercury. in most occult work it is much more “loose” and concepts like this are used as energetic and informational anchors... for example you can see mercury on this tree of life chart, its number 8, hod.

the precedent for using a “game” like this as a dramatic ritual is extremely well documented. for example in golden dawn style magic which informs basically all modern occult work in some way, they play “rosicrucian chess” or “enochian chess” which is half game half ritual magic.

books like liber null and psychonaut discuss using technology in ritual magic, + these ideas are just a crystallization of occult concepts that have existed in the “dark arts” for a long time. in the above pic yeats wife says a game was used to initiate her, that was last century

⏸️ gonna work for a while and pick this up again later

▶️ the level behind the quicksilver gate is called “hazy maze cave”. its a subterranean labyrinth. the doors have a single large eye on them (first pic). part of the labyrinth is full of a yellow smoke that chokes mario. what is this?

this choking fog is sulphur. sulphur is this yellow color and releases this toxic yellow “hazy” smoke. brimstone, as in fire and brimstone, is an archaic word for sulphur. sulphur has always been associated with the devil and hell

sulphur smoke and sulphur. you will also notice that the “leviathan cross”, a satanic image somewhat popular now, is actually the alchemical symbol for sulphur

sulphur is also symbolic in alchemy as one of the “three primes”, one of three substances all things are composed of. sulphur is the “spirit”, but more accurately it is the omnipresent spirit of life, an omnipresent potentiality present in the universe

in encoded images, both literary + artistic, the mushroom was used as a symbol of this omnipresent spirit of life as they seemed to arise from nothing. this is what toad is. the race of mushroom men is symbolic of this superphysical power, you gather these mushrooms in the castle

in this level you also ride this creature. they make you ride a beast. the beast circles a small island.

next up we have this “lava” level behind this devil painting, obviously hell (note the eye enemy). he also fights these uniquely double horned enemies here, and has to throw himself into a volcano: ritual symbolic death in the underworld.

this level also has an image of bowsers face being cut up + rearranged that mario is forced to walk over. this is classic mk ultra style imagery, split face + fractured face and body imagery indicate breakdown of the psyche, exactly what is happening at this stage of the ritual


next level, the last real chthonic / subterranean death level, is this desert. the desert in western occult is the abyss that the adept must cross, it is like the chasm of death. in occult kabbalah the path connecting tiphareth and kether is gimel, a camel, crossing this abyss

you can see in this screenshot that the pyramid is surrounded by four pillars, and there are black cubes outside. the pyramid has a star in the top, so there is a light in the capstone of this pyramid.

black cubes outside. black cube is something youll have to look into on ur own

in this stage mario removes the capstone of the pyramid and goes inside. in the elites mythology about themselves, teachers like plato and pythagoras went to the pyramids and were initiated inside into ancient mystery religions. this is part of why they use egyptian symbolism

inside this pyramid mario confronts another “all seeing eye” boss, this time the eye is in the center of a giant hand. this is the last real subterranean level, after the underground labyrinth and hell mario crosses the desert and goes into the pyramid (place of initiation)

last level before mario goes into the higher level of the castle is dire dire docks. if u remember this level its kind of weird in that you start floating in the air + are dropped into the water, and the level is really oddly designed so u have to swim under and come up elsewhere

thats the point of this level. thats also why it comes after all these other levels despite appearing earlier on the map. youve done the death based ritual initiation downstairs, and now you wash yourself clean of it, a kind of baptism to cement this. the entrance is a water wall

now mario goes up into the higher levels of the castle. these levels all are much lighter and brighter than the levels we have just seen, the game itself has the classic pagan / shamanic / platonic threefold world structure of celestial realm above, earth, then underworld below

now, to get to the next level, the first level after you access this new part of the castle, after youve left the symbolic death below, you are forced to look into this mirror and observe for the first time the camera that has apparently been watching you the whole game

this guy is introduced for a second when the game starts but this is the first time you see him during gameplay and the game forces you to notice and passively interact with him. this is breaking the fourth wall and reminding the player that theyre being observed

a dramatic ritual does not require observers but these people believe that the effects can be greatly enhanced when others are involved, even passively as observers. this is the power they seek to harness by encoding these themes into media and have millions partake of them

entering this level requires mario to essentially trust the unseen and to jump directly into this wall (he can only see the painting in the mirror). mario is now an initiate and will be privy to secrets, occult powers, hidden machinations, etc.


to go further id have to mention a few things that are a little too controversial for me to just drop into in a popular thread, plus if the point is for people to think about it its kind of cooler to leave it undone so ill wrap this up with a few Qs and thoughts for the mind

does mario circumambulate anything else? what is it

does mario get “powers” in these levels? what are they? are there other powers in this game? where else do you see these occult powers? like, not in the game. you see them elsewhere

later level has a monkey at the top of a mountain. what does the monkey represent in the modern social consciousness, as in, what do most people think of when they think of a monkey? how does this hook in to what we’ve discussed here (dont fall into the obvious trap on this one)

theres the flood level, where ur forced to flood and unflood a city, and a rainbow level where the whole level is a giant rainbow.

the last level also requires you to ride this rainbow through a floating building that has the masonic floor, a table covered in pentacle coins, and a small furnace. what is this room

lastly [spoiler, if you never beat the game] the last thing you do is meet yoshi on the roof of the castle. many have correctly pointed out that yoshi is like a dragon and is serpentine. this is true, but consider that yoshi is specifically not a dragon, he is a dinosaur

similar to the monkey, ask yourself what dinosaurs represent in the popular consciousness and how they fit into the themes here. specifically if you think about how it relates to the floating island idea presented above, and other things, you might see what im saying

thats it. thank you for coming to my ted talk

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