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Yeah, deleting Facebook is cool, but have you ever tried regulating it?

I admire the #DeleteFacebook impulse. But it takes so much coordination and scale to work, and most users are not American. And it also owns WhatsApp and Instagram.

It’s too much to take on as consumers.

This is why we have governments.

Trying to fight a predatory, politically connected monopoly through heroic personal responsibility doesn't work.

You can't fight the sugar companies just by dieting harder.

You can't fight Amazon just by buying a few books locally.

System problems must be solved systemically.

If I were Zuck, I'd love to see my users struggling to muster the courage to delete their accounts and lose the content they created and networks they built, thinking it's their weakness that deters them.

What I wouldn't love is being sent to prison for violating their privacy.

I would like to expand the Overton Window here. Who is going to bring Zuckerberg and Sandberg to justice, prosecuting them criminally, sending a message for the ages to big tech?

Start by seeking justice for American soldiers whose private messages to their fellow soldiers and spouses back home were shared with a foreign company (Spotify). It's a good case.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you have soldiers sharing their locations and rhythms of their days with family on Facebook Messenger, and that data might have unwittingly been accessible by a foreign corporation?

Curious if military folk can confirm this.

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