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NEW: Emails show Parliament was misled about extent of engagement between Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica and LeaveEU Brexit campaign including details about using TAA psychological warfare methods.  https://www.opendemocracy.net/uk/brexitinc/peter-geoghegan-jenna-corderoy/revealed-arron-banks-brexit-campaign-had-more-meetings-w 

“Once we have completed the TAA and matched it to the Experian data we will be in a position to start microtargeting…” —Julian Wheatland, COO of SCL Group Ltd

Defense contractors specializing in psychological warfare, dark arts, and data matching voter files to data brokers

I realize it’s slightly insane to suggest it but the evidence is overwhelming. Bannon and the Mercers used military-grade weapons normally used against terrorism on the electorates in 2016. The technique’s export control designation was lifted in 2015.

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