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Finally! Ofcom finds RT in breach & is considering "statutory sanction" (a ban). It's insane it's been allowed to continue. It describes itself as an "information weapon" of the Russian state. It pours poison into our political life every single day 

RT's UK broadcast arm is crucial piece in a media ecosystem that is enormously powerful. It provides content for the biggest info network on YouTube. Hugely supportive of Farage, Tommy Robinson etc. And it's sanctioned & permitted by British govt. Nuts 

RT is at forefront of capturing every new attention stream. It livestreams news events & hence gets pushed to the top of its 5 million followers’ mobile Twitter feeds. This means this morning I’ve been getting Putin’s thoughts ahead of @tom_watson’s

Guardian story now up. Ofcom has been asleep at the wheel. Why are we actively helping the Russian state undermine our democratic institutions? 

This was Dec 1 when the gilets jaunes kicked off. I couldn’t understand why RT was at the top of my Twitter feed all night. Realised it was live-streaming the protest & is therefore promoted to the top of Twitter’s feed. Incredible effective propaganda tool. Incredibly dangerous

To clarify. Ofcom "statutory action" not necessarily a ban. Full suite of possible actions, from a rap over the knuckles to an outright ban.

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