Writing education falls into two buckets:

1. Analyzing literature and writing 5-paragraph essays.

2. Communicating ideas in clear, simple and convincing ways.

Schools focus on Bucket #1 at the expense of Bucket #2.


Writing education is shaped by PhD English programs.

My goal for 2019: Get 1,000 people to start writing.

I’m working on a scalable system for writing education — all of it focused on bucket #2.

The returns to writing well are HUGE... and increasing because of the internet.

Stay tuned...



“Learn to write well and easily.

That sounds trivial. But we do not succeed in getting people to that point.

Everyone should write well and write a lot, no matter what your job. It’s essential for thinking and networking."

- @tylercowen


Exactly right.

“Getting good at communication—particularly WRITTEN communication—is an investment worth making.

My best advice for communicating clearly is to first make sure your thinking is clear and then use plain, concise language.” — @sama

I’m on it 🙌🏼

Content is the new portfolio.

People are getting jobs on Twitter, politicians are getting elected on Facebook, and high schools athletes are getting recruited on Instagram.

Through content, they advertise their skills and reach a global audience.

Publish. Publish. Publish.

Might frame these tweets


"It's far more important to write well than most people realize.

Writing doesn't just communicate ideas; it generates them. If you're bad at writing and don't like to do it, you'll miss out on most of the ideas writing would have generated."

- @paulg


How to cure writer's block: Never start writing with a blank page.

Here's how:

- Reflect on big experiences
- Write down quotes
- Record observations about the world

If you trust your notes — not your memory — writing will become much, much easier.


Treat every word like is costs you something.

As @morganhousel says: "Poor communicators ramble. Good communicators leave out unnecessary details. Great communicators treat words as the scarcest commodity."


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