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The Night Before Indictments

Twas the night before indictments and in the White House
Not a creature was stirring except the taffy haired louse
The crimes were all evident the GOP didn’t care
We hope that St. Mueller soon would be there

He put children in cages instead of nice beds
As we all read his tweets while waiting for the Feds
We all have had enough of that damn MAGA cap
Hoping his calls to Russia were under a tap

When the charges are read there will be so much chatter
They better come soon before he gets even fatter
Away to our TV’s we flew like a flash
Watching them throw them all right into the trash

Watching it all happen will be quite a show
I’ll be pounding a beer while LMFAO
When what to our hopeful eyes should appear
But a Democratic House and a much better year

When all is revealed
And all through the White House
The only creature remaining
Is that tiny White Mouse

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