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Alternative theory: The “monster” in Bird Box is really racism.

First, it can’t hurt you if you don’t look at it. If you refuse to acknowledge it, you will survive.

It is starting to destroy the entire world. Lil Rel tries to explain that it has been around since the beginning of time but no one wants to listen. He’s even writing a book about it. But despite all of his knowledge about racism, the only job he can get is at a grocery store.

Then there’s the fact that it the people who can see it are “crazy” even though they only want everyone else to see it.

The children have to grow up in a world and learn to deal with the dangers of racism. The only way to survive it is to listen.

Then there’s the birds that she gets from the grocery store.

The only thing that can warn her about racism is literally a sold as chattel and kept in a cage.

Then they discover there’s a literal safe space. But the only way to get there is to go down the river. But at some point, someone is going to have to look.

And Sandra Bullock is like: “Fuck that, ignore the racism. Matter fack, ain’t nobody looking.”

Then there’s a lot of falling down. You gotta fall down in a horror movie. White people in horror movies always have weak ankles and their balance is trash.

Yet, somehow, they always manage to outrun racism.

Then, they reach the racism-free safe space and guess why racism can’t hurt them?

Because they are blind to racism!

And the only reason sighted people are safe is because of the birds are still chattel kept in a cage. The birds aren’t free, they’re just in a BIGGER BOX!

Now here’s the thing: they didn’t escape racism. They didn’t kill racism. Racism is STILL all around them. When racism comes they must still refuse to look.

The point of Bird Box is that racism will never die. You can’t escape It. It will eventually kill you.

And your only hope is this:

After all the white people betray you, when you’re the last person on earth, just maybe...

Maybe that’s when you’ll listen to the black dude.

You’re welcome

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