Don’t mean to pile on — but genuinely curious if something can explain this sentiment in more detail. Those PHP+AJAX scripts would still work, right?

Or is it more about shifting consumer expectations?

I mean there’s nobody preventing you from running your own server and editing PHP with Vim in production via a tmux session, and sprinkling some $.ajax() calls here and there in the output. Nobody forbade that

If it’s so “unpopular” then you get to be a real contrarian and win Hacker News points. You’re a step away from writing a store in LISP

One take on this I can understand is about getting employed. It sucks if you have to do things differently “just because” and don’t agree with the changes.

But this was about bootstrapping a product?

Let’s use whatever we’re productive with. I have no idea how containers work and don’t care to find out until I feel the need. Somebody might feel that way about React or webpack and that’s totally healthy too.

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