Walter Shaub @waltshaub former Director of @OfficeGovEthics now with @CREWcrew personal account - views are my own Dec. 28, 2018 1 min read

For the uninitiated, it may help to know that “consult with your personal attorney” is Washington-speak for “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” and “sample letter” is what they used to call a Trump University diploma — oh, and the Trump-appointed Director of OPM lasted 7 months.

One of the mysteries of this administration is why Trump’s OPM Director lasted only 7 months after making it all the way through the Senate confirmation process. Why? Who knows? Sad too because folks forget to include him in the lists of departed Trump appointees.

Feds who signed up to serve their country deserve better than this. They just want to do their damn jobs and maybe get paid for Christmas. Instead, this is what they get during the Trump shutdown, as Jared and Ivanka frolic in Florida and Trump spends tax money on party tents.

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