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1. US detains Huawei CFO in Canada, arrests Chinese intelligence officer Yanjun Xu in Belgium, extradites to US.

China hits US Intel providers. Google/China Dragonfly OP fails after POTUS interference,

China attack on CenturyLink 911 services, possibly DOD Dark Fiber services?

2. Everything's connected! You won't believe these connections!

#Q Drops Confirmed! #911Outage

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3. "Indonesia’s anti-corruption agency said on Thursday it had raided 10 locations, including the home of the deputy chairman of the Lippo Group, as part of a bribery investigation linked to the conglomerate’s US$21 billion Meikarta real estate project."  https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2169047/how-arrest-lippo-executive-threatens-one-asias-biggest 

4.Also from the article:

"Billed as the “Shenzhen of Indonesia”, after the booming Chinese city, Meikarta is Lippo’s largest project to date...The raids targeted the home of Lippo Group deputy chairman James Riady, a Lippo Group"

5. I did a thread on the Lippo group and James Riady a few months ago. Interestingly enough, Twatter deleted it! I also started getting hit with hundreds of spam emails every day for over a week after posting it. I'm going to try and show, again, the massive connections here.

6. First things first, Q DROP  https://qmap.pub/read/1959 

We have learned that H-R-C did NOT simply have a massive email server in her basement. It had government emails, files, and other classified information on it. And, it was not hacked...she GAVE the information TO CHINA!

7. H-R-C got agents arrested, probably forever, and several killed by PURPOSEFULLY allowing China's intrusions into US Intelligence. This was a move to earn favor, or to pay debt. Most likely, a continuing relationship, but with who and why? What could she gain from China?

8. How about the 50+ year old Clinton/Riady relationship! What's the deal with the C-lintons, the C-Foundation, and James Riady's LIPPO group? Well, in the past I've shown the 50 year old relationship between the luciferian BU5H family and the house of Saud in Saudi Arabia.

9. The BU5H's have Saudi, the Clinton's have China. I wonder if the libtard deep state media remembers what they've documented in the past? You must read this article...seriously, it contains TONS about Riady/Clinton relationship. A must read.


10. James Riady is a billionaire from Indonesia/China. He co-owns the Lippo group, which, if you investigate far enough, you'll find has several subsidiaries that are directly controlled by the Chinese government. In the late 70's Riady bought a bank in Little Rock Arkansas.

11. He was only able to buy that bank, as a Chinese national, with permission from then Arkansas governor, William Jefferson Clinton. The two became pals and had regular interaction. BTW, should be noted, they met around 1978, the year after GHWB was director of the ClA.

12. Don't forget, GHWB was the liaison to China for 2 years before he was given the post at the Company.  https://worldhistoryproject.org/1974/9/4/president-ford-appoints-george-hw-bush-to-the-us-liaison-office-in-the-peoples-republic-of-china-prc 

When BC was running for POTUS in '96, Riady ILLEGALLY donated $3.5 Million to BC's presidential campaign as well as several other democrat races,

13. Riady was charged, convicted, fined $8+ MILLION, and BANNED from re-entering the United States for a period of time. Attorney General Janet Reno somehow plead guilty on his behalf since he was back in China and managed to help him avoided jail time! BC was never charged! HOW?

14. Somehow, while H-R-C was SecOfState, Mr Riady came BACK to the US on a WAIVER from the state department to circumvent his re-entry ban! He had numerous meetings too. He specifically wanted plans to certain weapons for the Chinese military. He also made business deals...HOW?

15. He was not allowed to do business in the US due to the ban! When Riady came back to the US to visit, his "permission slip" permitted visits for "family functions", like a graduation, etc. Yet, when he was here, he attended high powered meetings with BC, HRC, and BHO!

16. "Three Lippo China subsidiaries directly invested in CS Mining. DXS and PacNet invested funds for the 2011 transaction. A third subsidiary, Waterloo Street, Ltd, secretly bought the Noble plant last year.

Waterloo is registered in the British Virgin Islands and has no...

17. ...board of directors, according to Bloomberg. In fact, Lippo China Resources has created 54 different subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands, according to its annual report."

Riady performed business transactions in the US despite being banned.

18. So, Clintons are in tight with Riady. He's dirty. Riady's in tight with certain Chinese officials who are also dirty. But, do you remember the AIDS medication debacle with the CFoundation? The foundation earned millions through fraud with a LIPPO controlled pharmacy group.

19. "Former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative distributed “watered-down” HIV/AIDs drugs to patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and “likely increased” the risks of morbidity and mortality..."

They killed people through fraud!


20. The pharmacy group "Ranbaxy ultimately pleaded guilty in 2013 to seven criminal counts with intent to defraud and the introduction of adulterated drugs into interstate commerce."

So, how does Ranbaxy get away with it but BC and the foundation get off scott free? HOW???

21. Stage Left - enter D-J-T, greatest president in a century. Agenda - destroy the deep state and ALL of it's affiliations. HRC and BC directly hit, financials dried up and resources frozen. Riady and LIPPO nailed with anti-corruption arrests, lawsuits, charges and fines.

22. Remember, LIPPO has direct ties and even some oversight on some of its subsidiaries by the Chinese government itself, or at least by some of its officials. Retaliation and mere survival becomes their goals. Google enter's the scene, one DS agent trying to save another.

23. Certain "facts" have made their way to the surface. One fact was that Diane Feinstein from Commifornia has had a Chinese spy on her staff for the past 20 years! What kind of kickbacks has she received for that treasonous bullshit?


FBI, CIA = Crickets

24. Q drop  https://qmap.pub/read/2380  gave some crumbs that led to details that the company responsible for espionage and attacks on the US software/electronics industry is owned BY in China with headquarters there!

"A major U.S. telecommunications company discovered manipulated...

25. ...hardware from Super Micro Computer Inc. in its network and removed it in August, fresh evidence of tampering in China of critical technology components bound for the U.S.,"

Super Micro is in San Jose COMMIFORNIA. Feinstein's stomping grounds!


26. But, how is all of this tied together? Why are certain Chinese actors spying on the US while the main government is working well with D-J-T, making incredible deals in trade and policy agreements? Because...there's deep state tied in! Look at who's making ZTE phones!

27. "JAKARTA -- Indonesian conglomerate Lippo Group on Thursday introduced the country's first 4G smartphone in a partnership with Chinese device maker ZTE."

WOW! Look at that. One of the companies D-J-T is considering barring from the US is ZTE!


28. So, the spying and attacks are coming from phones made by the same people who have been in a criminal dynasty with the Clinton's for 50 years! It doesn't end there though. LIPPO and Riady are financing intel groups tied to Huawei as well! And, would you look at that!

29. "...the White House is allegedly considering an executive order that would ban the use of Huawei and ZTE telecommunications equipment by US companies as US President Donald Trump continues to chase a trade war with China into ground zero."  https://www.onenewspage.com/n/Markets/1zjb79e3mb/US-considering-Chinese-phone-ban-via-executive-order.htm 

30. D-J-T has already banned Huawei and ZTE from being used by ANY government agency. Now, he's considering an executive order to completely ban them from the US, permanently. Can you imagine the hit to the pockets of the deep state if this goes through? They're pissed!

31. Now, I cannot confirm this theory, but I believe China is behind the hit on the Emergency 911 services that went down yesterday across most of the United States. If they're not, we have a new problem from a new actor. CenturyLink is not JUST a 911 services provider.

32. They're also contract holders for the Department Of Defense to provide "Dark Fiber" services for our military! There is VERY LITTLE coming from CenturyLink right now and there's no info on just how much was hit or how. But, the war has escalated!

33. "CenturyLink struck another major coup in the public sector service market by being awarded the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN) III contract, unseating incumbent provider Verizon."


Interesting choice of words by this author, eh? Coup?

34. There you have it. China's bad actors, long time friends of the Clintons, are responsible for a massive rash of crimes, attacks, attempts of espionage, illegal campaign financing, collusion, etc. And, each time, the Clinton's escape scottfree! The more you know! - End


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