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I asked @DavidMDrucker where he got his statement in Vanity Fair that "Trump brings a certain gravitas" to the presidency, since I have never heard anyone in either party observe that, and all the evidence contradicts it.  https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/12/why-gop-insiders-fear-beto-and-biden-over-warren-and-sanders  He answered me. Next slide please.

This is his answer. Apparently anonymous sources in the party told him that, and he worded the conclusion so it reads as a natural fact— not "insiders in the party say..." but just something everyone knows. Gravitas.

Still, the entertainment value in this explanation should be credited. "Listen, you didn't get this from me, okay? But Trump brings a certain gravitas to the presidency..." Anonymous sources say their guy is awesome.

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