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With the 2020 race now launching, here is a simple framework to evaluate Democrats.

Is the candidate a MarketWorld “win-win” Democrat or a power-busting reformer?

With her strong, finger-pointing video today, @ewarren has firmly anchored herself in the Not MarketWorld camp.

You will notice two distinct languages emerge. One of win-win, one of win-lose.

The win-winners will speak of all rising, coming together, prospering in unity, something-something.

The win-losers will use words like monopoly, rigged, greed, exploited, robber barons.

Pay heed.

The win-winners will go after the easy targets of villains on the right, starting with the president.

The win-losers will tell us the bitter truth that, when it comes to extreme inequality, the Democratic donor class has its own cruel legacy to answer for.

From a distance, win-win sounds good, and win-lose sounds bad. But think again about these orientations in the coming year.

Those Democrats telling a win-lose story of American life will be telling an essential and true tale of how we got to this place of inequality and rage.

Some problems are like engines, where you tinker and solve them.

Other problems -- such as what killed the American dream -- are like crime scenes. A warm, fuzzy desire to come together isn't how you solve them. You solve them by catching and bringing perpetrators to justice.

We need candidates who can tell a compelling story across tribal lines about who stole the American dream, how justice can be done for that theft, and how power can be redistributed, in the structures and systems of American life, to get a fairer, more perfect union.

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