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1/ Netflix's new Black Mirror "interactive film" Bandersnatch is really impressive, breaks new ground. I think we'll see movies and video games converge even more in the coming years.

2/ Movies are using more and more CGI/green screen (or full digital Pixar), and video games are getting more and more cinematic with motion capture, traditional hollywood actors, etc. See Red Dead Redemption 2 for instance - employed hundreds of character actors.

3/ Bandersnatch is really cool because it required new player software, could only have been done by Netflix probably.

4/ Next iteration of these "interactive films" I think we will see rendered in real time based on who is watching them. I'd like to see myself as the main character, rendered in real time (think JibJab but more realistic).

5/ Or control more than simple A/B decisions - and jump into controlling the actual character like a video game during key scenes.

6/ VR will help with this also. Here is a early preview of a VR game where you can place different characters and act out each part, to create a short film. 

7/ YouTube and Twitch shows that tons of people prefer watching video games (like movies) instead of actually playing them. Finding the right balance of when to sit back and consume vs when to control to maximize entertainment will be fun.

8/ There should be a new name for these video game + movie hybrids. The term "video game" would actually be good if it wasn't already used to distinguish Atari games from board games and card games :) Maybe "interaction films" will win (sounds better than "movie games").

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