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(Thread) Our current Constitutional Crisis

The problem isn’t (just) Trump

Tony Schwartz says the president has too much power.

This is only true because the GOP members of Congress are not acting as a check on presidential power.

2/ The GOP is obeying Trump as if he is an autocrat.

Example: The House and Senate pass (overwhelmingly) a piece of legislation.

Trump doesn’t like it because he wants a wall, so he exercises his veto power under Art. I, sec. 7.

3/ Instead of overriding the veto, as it has the power to do, the GOP folds.

(Aside: this is why impeaching and removing Trump won’t solve the nation’s problems)

More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that Trump was installed in the WH by a hostile government.

4/ The drafters of the Constitution considered the possibility that a president might be elected who was beholden to foreign interests.

That’s why they included a remedy: Congress acts as a check on presidential power.

5/ At the first sign of corruption, fraud, or a foreign influence in the election, Congress SHOULD have stopped everything and conducted a meaningful investigation.

Instead, members of the Congressional GOP attempted to obstruct and delegitimize any investigations.

6/ By the way, the only reason we’re even talking about whether a sitting president can be indicted is because Congress failed in its job.

Had the president been removed when his involvement with Russia was uncovered, he wouldn’t be a sitting president at indictment time.

7/ The GOP didn’t become authoritarian overnight.

Over its 165 year history, the Republican party has gradually morphed from the anti-slavery party championing the values of liberal democracy to an authoritarian party.
More here👇

8/ Profs. Levitsky and Ziblatt in their book👇 explain what we’re seeing.

From the beginning Trump exhibited warning signs of an autocrat. He:
💠rejected democratic norms
💠denied the legitimacy of opponents (i.e. says they are criminals)
💠tolerated and encouraged violence. . .

9/ and he was willing to curtail civil liberties, i.e. free press.

We now know, of course, that Trump has gone much farther. He has spent his lifetime breaking laws👇👇

Levitsky and Ziblatt explain that Trump's rise follows the usual pattern.

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