zeynep tufekci @zeynep Thinking about our tools, ourselves. @UNCSILS prof + @NYTimes writer. Newsletter: t.co/klJwJ6vkB5 Book: t.co/RmMouki39B Jan. 04, 2019 1 min read

Terrible essay violating children's rights (won't link). Fourth grader discovers her mom has been writing about her for years (with pics) and begs her to take them down. Instead, mom writes about that and *links* to an invasive one. We need a children's bill of digital rights.

Also, why is Washington Post publishing this? Terrible editorial judgment. Sad enough that the parents are so irresponsible. (It's not just a few cute pics online—the writing includes the child's private struggles). Somethings aren't worth the clicks and shouldn't be encouraged.

There's absolutely great value for parents to share their struggles with each other. There are many forums and ways of writing that provide pseudonymity and allow just that. Maybe, a decade ago, one could say we were all naive about all this. It's 2019. Don't publish this stuff.

It's a pity that major newspapers no longer have ombudsman. Still angry that @washingtonpost published a piece openly celebrating exploiting children. This isn't a small issue. This piece should never have been published and the editor should've reacted with horror.

Parenting by class: A poor parent tells her kid to wait within view to interview for job she needs to put roof over kid's head: child protective services! Professional mom exploits her kid in deeply harmful manner only to help along her writing career: piece in Washington Post!

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