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People who will never be worth billions defending others ability to not be taxed even slightly more on their billions will never cease to amaze me. Even Buffett who is worth billions and one of most successful investors of all time wants to be taxed more.

The best part is there's like 20 anonymous accounts now in my comments defending billionaires. Twitter is really a strange place some days.

I'll find talk on this later but you all billionaire imposter syndrome folk don't get is that if too many stack up at top and bottom of society we unbalance the system and there is a shit ton of human suffering. We see this manifesting already (mass shootings, opiate crisis etc).

Capitalism *needs* fair redistributions to work. Middle class should be engine of economic growth if we kill it because people think the game is unfair or impossible (this is happening now) then we're just going to end up with below progressively worse. 

Also the Krugman take here is the right one. Of course no one in my mentions actually read it. Anyway happy Sunday friends. Think more broadly about this stuff please than worrying about your imaginary billions somehow being taken from you. 🙄 

One more Tweet on this. Linking @jordanbpeterson bc he's correct here, & the right listens to him. "If you ramp up inequality too much the whole system destabilizes." None of us should want that (esp billionaires!). We *have* to come together and fix it. 

Please listen to that talk by Jordan whether you are left or right, hate him or not. It doesn't matter. His point stands. What's going on is bigger than any of our dumb politics. The future of societal progress should matter and how economic systems are managed defines it.

LOL you guys. Calm. I know a lot of you dislike Peterson. I don't live under a rock. Thx for comments/DMs. I get it. Far right listens to him, not endorsing but unf no one else who they'll listen to is making this salient point - find me someone else and I'll link them next time.

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