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Meet Victoria Woodcock. She was Vote Leave's operations director. She was also the admin for a shared drive that clearly showed BeLeave & Vote Leave were illicitly co-ordinating. Cummings' name was deleted from this drive after investigations began.

Here we go. Cold, hard evidence. Deleted by someone featured in this drama. It looks like obstruction of justice. It smells like obstruction of justice. And all those people up on screen have refused to answer questions about it...

"Where are we at, Parky?" First reference to Stephen Parkinson. Political secretary to @theresa_may. Special friend of @ShahmirUK. Used number 10 press office to smear & discredit him. Hasn't answered a single question. Close to certain BBC journalists. 

Parkinson's involvement is crucial to understanding how deeply involved the government is in this fraud & cover-up. He was a senior director of Vote Leave who directed some of BeLeave's activities.

Factcheck 4: This whole scene of Robert Mercer meeting Arron Banks in the James Bondesque Breitbart lair is purest fantasy. It didn't happen. It would never have happened. I spent a year having people tell me this was a conspiracy theory. This is...unhelpful

This was the only mainstream BBC coverage of Cambridge Analytica for an entire year. It made out it was a loony tunes fantasy. We proved that it wasn't. But Robert Mercer is not a Bond villain. And we need a serious investigation into his role in EUref 

Fact check 5. "Zack Massingham" is a real person. And AIQ - Cambridge Analytica's Canadian associate - played a major, still-under investigated role. But Massingham didn't do the modelling. That was done by another company, we believe. Hello @ASIDataScience!

..but here's the thing @ASIDataScience won't answer qs. Cummings won't talk. And Electoral commission won't investigate. So! More electoral fraud?!? Maybe. We know Vote Leave mis-reported how much it spent with them. What else @matthew_elliott? Care to enlighten us??

...but what .@mrJamesGraham brilliantly explains is how AIQ used Facebook's standard tools to find new voters. Voters the other side "don't even know exist". How did they do this? With this super dodgy football data harvesting quiz 

Yes. Dominic Cummings is a real person. With emotions. And a pregnant wife. Just wish we could see @shahmiruk in this drama. A real person. With emotions. Who was screwed over by all these people when he revealed the truth.

Fact check 6: @BorisJohnson & @michaelgove aren't comedy characters. @mrjamesgraham says that he used caricature for political effect. But they had key roles in the campaign. They knew about the illegal overspend, dark ads, deliberate lies. Don't buy the buffoonery

Ad break. Just went to check what @arron_banks is saying. Nothing?!?! Nothing from @nigel_farage. Nothing from @andywigmore...
Paging Arron. Paging @Mishcon_de_Reya. What's going on lads?

Fact check 7: Blink & you'll miss it. This single frame is the sole reference in the film to the biggest electoral fraud for a century. This is how they won. Even Cummings would tell you this. He wrote how it was the ads in last days which had most impact. Bought with illegal £££

Fact check 8: This was very good & very clever. @mrjamesgraham incorporated the actual dark ads that Facebook *finally* handed over after months of pressure from @DamianCollins & @commonsCMS. Note: we still don't have LeaveEU ads. Or DUP's. Or Veterans for Britain's. Or Google's

Fact check 9: How did Vote Leave find these "missing" voters? With the dodgy data harvesting football quiz app. I really hope @ICOnews investigates this. It was clearly abusive. Football fans vied to win £50m. App harvested their personal data. Not labelled. Covert. Illegal?

Fact check 10: "We put up a Nobel prize winner. And the BBC puts up some backbench MP to provide 'balance'" Yes! Fact absolutelyfuckingcorrect.

Fact check 11:"Why's nobody talking about these ads?" "Because they're not aimed at the metropolitan elite. They're not seeing them." Again: this is spot on. These were dark ads. But..@BorisJohnson & @michaelgove knew. Don't buy the buffoonery. They knew 

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