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On my 21st birthday, July 21st 2018, I was date raped. I took the matter to police, Nothing was done, forensic evidence went missing, I was told that because I was drugged and had no clear story that it was unlikely he would be charged.

It happened in his home, where friends and I went for drinks after the club. (He was my friend at the time, I trusted him). He offered me a shot of tequila. I remember nothing after that. I blacked out immediately.

I woke up in the middle of a dream because I felt someone pushing up against me, I couldn't see clearly but I could make out his physic. His voice as he moaned. Idk how, but God woke me up. I blacked out again.

Hours later my bestfriend woke up me (she had been drugged too). She found me in one of the bedrooms covered in a blanket, underneath that blanket I was completely naked with no memory but that vague dream.

She immediately got me dressed, without waking him up we left the house and she demanded we go to the police. I was in shock and couldn't stop weeping. I didn't understand or believe what was happening.

Once at the police, he admitted to having sex with me but said and I quote , "She was forceful and very drunk, She removed he clothes and got on top of me. While she was riding me I stopped her because I wasn't wearing a rubber."

This, I pieced together, was the moment I must have woken up and ran into one of the bedrooms.

I was found in his cousins room, which he used in police mentions as justification that "I was a drunk horny mess trying to sleep with both him and his cousin."

He described me as someone that was wild and a hoe, that he had been avoiding my advances because he had a girlfriend (He did not)

I'm scared to be telling this story, I was told that saying this out loud would hurt my chances of justice in court. But I cannot and will not be silent. He took my birthday milestone, my trust, my emotional well being. And the police will do nothing.

Three weeks later I was contacted by a woman whom he drugged at a corporate function. AFTER I HAD LAID CHARGES

I don't know how this will help or what it will change, but I pray that this will protect someone in the ways I wasn't.

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