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Having a crappy Monday? I was too.
Not only is it raining and I was back at work, but we realised last night that Doozer had left his beloved teddy bear at the hotel we stayed at, and that when we had to admit it, he was going to go from being worried (last night) to most upset.

I had emailed the hotel last night. Is there a white bear there, I asked? Very friendly, answers to Sutro? He has a new friend, a seal, that he had made during the trip. They'd probably be together if they could be found. We weren't hopeful tho. Big hotel and that

They emailed back. Not only had they found Sutro safe and would be posting him back, but they sent updates so Doozer could see what he'd been doing on his extended vacation. Apparently having first visiting the laundry, he's been at the Spa.

Then they took a walk. Met the gardeners. And went to the pool. They rented a cabana (and now I'm going to have to explain why I kept telling Doozer we couldn't afford a cabana, but… his bear can?)

And then, this is my favourite thing, THEY CHECKED OUT OF THE HOTEL.

SO thank you to Julien at @GrandHyattKauai, and his colleagues who are, apparently, just all-round lovely people who legit made me (and several dozen colleagues) cry today. Now I'm going to go and print these out and drip feed them to Doozer until Sutro lands.

I don't have a SoundCloud, but while you're here enjoying the heart-warming tale of teddybears please be sure to check out @slackHQ for all your work collaboration needs? Or something?

update: Sutro & Kauai not home yet but Dooz (my human son, yes, it's a nickname) is both mystified and completely enthralled.
(Also! Friends in the media: Don't @-me, this was a nice story that happened to us I wanted to pass on and the photos belong to the person who took them)

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