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NEW: Cambridge Analytica said US voter @profcarroll had no more right to know what data the company held on him than "a Taliban sitting in a cave". Today, it pleads guilty in case brought by Britain's ICO. This is a big deal. US citizens! You have..drum roll..rights to your data!

This has been a long haul for @profcarroll. We first wrote about his battle to get this data here. Today, Cambridge Analytica finally concede that he had a right to this data. Next question: will he actually get it? 

This all happening in the glamorous environs of Hendon magistrate's court. About as incongruous a location as you can imagine for qs about what data Cambridge Analytica had on 230 million US voters. Why was CA so determined not to hand it over? No answers to that today...

Meanwhile, in New York, @profcarroll wakes to the news that Cambridge Analytica finally admits to breaking the law...

Judge fines Cambridge Analytica £15,000 plus costs. A piddling amount. But, it's important because these laws mean nothing if they're not enforced. Much bigger question is:they've pleaded guilty so are they now finally going to hand over the data? Or is this just another ruse?

So this was the basis of the guilty plea. I’ve got to say this does not smell good. There seems to be no intention to actually hand over @profcarroll’s data. Was pleading guilty just easiest way of getting off hook & not answering qs in open court?

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